Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

My dad is not one to hand out free " I love yous". I think it is common for Darryl and I to tell Lucas and Nathan we love them all the time. Although I think it is good for their self esteem, they don't have those times that stick out when your father blesses you with I love yous. THere is one time that really sticks out. My dad and I have not always got along. There was a time (when I was a hormonal teenager) that we did not see eye to eye on things. I was stubborn and wanted my way and I was his little girl who was growing up. It was a hard time for both of us. When my father was 19 he came out west and spent the week skiing. When he took the bus back from Banff, he cried. He knew this was his home, but responsiblity of work and home and family took him back to Ontario. Luckily he did married mom, inherited me, had Alexis and gave all of us a great life. Then I turned 19 and decided to move out west, Dad's dream when he was my age. About a week before I was about to leave Dad was in our rec room and I went over to give him a hug. He stood up and squeezed me tight, not letting go. He told me he loved me and he was going to miss me. He also said he was sorry for all of the bad things that had happened. We held that hug for a long time.

Once I moved out here we talked more then when I lived at home. E-mail was our favorite form of communication. A couple of years after I moved out, Mom and Dad came too. It's amazing how life works out. Dad upset and not wanting to go back to Ontario, but eventually coming out with the family he had in Ontario.

I love you too Dad, Happy Fathers Day


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Allie said...

I love hearing Daddy stories from daughters that are older. The real ones. The ones that show that love is unconditional despite some rough patches. Thanks for sharing your special bond with your Dad to all of us.