Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cool New Things

Following Jenna's lead I have found some new great things that I wanted to share with the world. My things are now quite as great as Jenna's list, but I thought they were cool.

The first thing is Kirtsy , a website that is geared towards women. It is a site similar to Digg, if any of you (or your husband's use it) where people vote on good articles. So far I have found lots of good things to read on it. I know we are all busy, but if you are surfing the web and looking for new things to check out, this is a great site.

I also thought this video was quite funny. Especially if you are a you tube fan. Weezer video

Fruit Shakes. Not that this is new or exicting, but now we are getting into berry season it's a great thing to do when the berries start looking a little old.

Any new and cool things you've come across? Anyone tried Fit Flops?

Till Tomorrow


1 comment:

Jenna said...

Thanks for mentioning me. Your list isn't bad, either. I'm off to check out Kirtsy now!