Thursday, March 13, 2008


I haven't really posted in a couple of days, so I feel the need for a round up of the last couple of days.

Lucas had his last gymnastics class this week. We have been going to gymnastics for the last couple of months and Lucas has quite enjoyed himself. It's been a great way to tire him out. He has jumped on trampolines, done flips over bars (with help), mastered the summersault and enjoyed running around.

I also went to another stamping class where I got to be crafty again, which I do love. Look what I made! You may think I'm talented, but it's really all the teacher.

Preparations are still underway for the babies room. We bought a chair from Canadian Tire, leather recyliner for 215$. It was a great deal. Plus it's nice to have a chair in the nursery, and this one should last a while.

Just finished watching Lost. Man I love that show. It answers questions in each episode, but always asks more. Will the questions ever be answered?? I really should stop watching Lost because I'm dreaming about it. But I'll post more on that, and my crazy dreams tomorrow.

I have to go to the doctor who is going to deliver the baby. I'm not to fond of this process as there is a 1 in 8 chance she'll be the one to deliver the baby. Plus I sit there for half and hour for her to measure me and listen to the heartbeat. That being said I do have a question for all the women out there. What is the best way to pee in a cup. Start to pee and put the cup in midstream, try to position it, then start peeing? What's your technique?

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Lucas looks like he really enjoys gym
and you have been very creative cool

Anonymous said...

Sit down first

Haley-O said...

Gymnastics looks like FUN! I have to get the monkey into a class pronto -- she'd love it!

And, love your crafty stuff! Really nice!

Re. peeing in a cup? By the end of my last pregnancy, it was RIDICULOUS. So difficult. I just tried to position it first and then pee into the cup.... Forget the midstream stuff because you can't see your pee when your that big and by the time you position the cup you're done peeing....

That's a lot of words on peeing in a cup.... ;)

Lori said...

The peeing in a cup thing...try not to sweat it. They really only need a few drops to stick the litmus paper in anyway. I used to get it as close to your body in the right spot as possible and then go for it. Unfortunately, you'll probably pee on your fingers a little though. Thank goodness for medical grade hand soap and sanitizer!

Don't's almost over!

Goofball said...

nice gym pictures and really nice looking crafts!

Peeing in a cup? eumm position first? don't know, whatever suits best at the moment.