Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I love you too...

I am loving the age Lucas is at. Lots of laughs and very few tantrums. There is some crying or whining, but usually due to hunger or fatigue, not pushing boundaries. One of the other cool things is that he has become more affectionate. He'll often come up and hug mine or Darryl's leg and when I rub his back before bed, he'll rub my arm and say "I love you too". His hugs are much better then they use to be as well. Big squeezes now, rather then just wrapping his arms around you. I think his "I love you too" is so cute as well. I'm not sure if he understand the "too" part, because he'll say "too" even you don't say it first. But somehow you show him you love him, with a hug or rubbing his back. He also likes to snuggle with us in bed or on the couch as well.

I am totally cherishing this one on one time before my attention has to be shared.

Till Tomorrow



Allie said...

Isn't this time just so precious? When reading your posts of late about your beautiful relationship with Lucas and your anticipation for your new little one, I just get that feeling of a kindred spirit as I can completely identify with your thoughts.

And you know what? This life that I have now with two children is really incredibly awesome. My relationship with Kaelen has grown stronger than I thought possible because I thought it was perfect prior to Masyn, and now with Masyn, it is incredibly precious. I look forward to what each day brings to us in our experiences together.

I am truly happy for you Jenn and know that you and your family will adjust perfectly.

Lori said...

Since having a second child apparently wasn't in the cards for Ian and I, I live vicariously through you and I so look forward to any time I get to spend with your little one(s) even though it's via video conferencing instead of in person.

I must say that although I love the endless sea of information on the internet, the internet's more important role in the world today is keeping families together. What a gift it is to watch my nephews grow up each week almost as though I'm there to see it for myself.

Bless the person who dreamed up this wonderful concept.

Aunt Lori