Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy Dreams

Last night I was robbed of sleep by all the crazy dreams I was having.

The first one was my subconscious telling me I had locked Torin int he basement. I dreamt that you could order funny animals from you tube videos and Darryl had done this for my birthday. There was a dog that when he barked said "Hey Dude" and two cats that made a very peculair noise. Both animals were funny and I remember laughing in my dream. The problem was Darryl goes to work and I had to figure out how to get all these animals back into the carton they came in. The cats were scratching me, the dog didn't want to go. I woke up quick upset with Darryl. But then remembered I had left Torin in the basement.

After falling back asleep I had a dream, that my friend Leanne and I were staying at my grandparents old house and Ben, from Lost, was trying to capture us. We were walking through a bunch of tunnels opening doors and there was Ben standing behind one of the doors. when I saw him I said the F word, which is the only time I swear, in my dreams. Luckily I convinced him to let my friend go.

Maybe I need to stop watching Lost. It's like when Lucas wakes up crying he's scared of the big bad wolf, he needs to stop watching Super Why... But he is so scary.... and plays it so well.

Hope you are all sleeping well.

Till Tomorrow


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Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I have been having a ton of crazy pregnancy dream lately but Ben turning up in your dreams- no that's scary!

Oh what would we do without Super Why? It's like a tranquilizer for my almost 2 year old!