Thursday, March 27, 2008


These last couple of days Lucas has gone to the dayhome and I have been getting "stuff" done. It is great to have this time to tie up some lose ends that normally get done in a last minute rush or not done at all. I thought I would pass on some of the things I have learned:

1. First off if you put money into and RESP for your children the government puts in an additional 20%. I knew that but wasn't sure if you had to apply or if it was lump sum. With Lucas we invest his 100$ child tax credit in an RESP and the government puts in the 20% about a month after. There is no statement or lump sum if you invest regularly.

2. This year on your taxes you can write off your kids physical activities. So Lucas's swimming lessons and gymnastics we'll be able to write off.

3. Parking tickets never go away! Even though I ignore them, I had to pay them yesterday when I renewed the vechiles.

4. Dollar stores are the best thing, especially the Dollaroama. Do you have a favorite dollar store?

One thing that some of you may or may not know about me is that I aspire to be more like Martha. I am not artisty, but quite crafty. I spent most of the day working on painting a mural in Lucas's room. Here are the half way through shots.

Tomorrow I'll post the mostly done shots. I've also done some sewing and made a couple of Thank You cards. If there is still no baby next week, maybe I'll do some baking and freeze it. Although for the moment I'm going to read my new book and chill.

Till Tomorrow



Lesley said...

Lucas is lucky to have a creative Mom like yourself! Looks good - can't wait to see the finished mural :o)

Lesley said...

Can you open the polls for one more day - I noticed that Tyler wasn't in the lead anymore ;o)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

I agree about number 4

and I cant wait to see the finished shots of Lucas' room


Lori said...

Wow! You've had a couple of terrific, productive days! Those kind of days are always so rewarding.

Beth - Total Mom Haircut said...

Wow! Look at how productive you are! I was doing pretty much nothing by this time in my pregnancy.
And your mural is looking lovely.
Oh, and I think we have very similar taste in names. Many of those were in the running for Sam.

Allie said...

I came here today in hopes of reading about the exciting arrival on your little one. Hmm ... what is keeping him in there so long?

Perhaps he is just waiting until I get up to Calgary next week and happen to run into you in some random store .......

Although, I would much rather give him a cuddle as opposed to a rub in mommy's tummy .....

Busy girl you are. Although I never made it that far with either of my children, I would imagine that I would be kicking my feet up reading a few good books.

Hope all is well!

Jenn said...

You have been very productive. I love the nesting time before the baby comes!
I love the dollarama too.