Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This weekend was a wonderful celebration of family and marriage. My Oma and Opa were here for their 50th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we went to the castle in the mountains (Banff Springs Hotel) and ate and ate and ate. We have had them here all weekend so we have had many good conversations as well. Like I said in the last post, it's good to learn lessons from others, espcially family. My grandparents have been through SO much in their lives that their stength and courage is a lesson for myself and all their grandchildren. This weekend also focused on their marriage and how you make 50 years work.

Here is a pretty good picture of the two of them. We had a great room to sit in and the light was perfect for pictures, so be prepared for alot of them.

The food was so so amazing. It is a buffet, which Oma and Opa love, because "If you don't like one thing, you'll always find something as you like" - Opa. That being said I don't think Opa found one thing he didn't like. They had breakfast food, lunch and dessert. I didn't get pictures of my favorite things but they were: banana bread french toast with banana compote and real maple syrup, lamb and my dessert which was a really rich chocolate ganache cake and Bananas foster (which Lucas was scared of the fire from the alcohol burning, but I thought it was so cool). Like I said the food was amazing!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Oma and Opa's children. Oma and Opa had 4 children, but one of them Bonnie died when she was a teenager. I rarely hear Oma and Opa talk about her, but did hear some really great and sad stories this weekend. I think the most poignant was Oma saying their would always be something missing in their lives, there wasn't anything they could do about it, it would always be there.

Mom gave a really good toast about Oma and Opa building the foundation for the rest of their family to have good lives and good marriages.

Here is my mother and Aunt Lucille and the only other picture I have of them. She is married to my uncle Arnie. They came our from Saskatchewan and I think had a really good time as well.

I got to sit beside my father throughout the meal, who wore his Apple tie clip for Darryl. I though this was a great shot of him.

Did I mention we were all a little crazy!

Lucas was estactic that his Auntie Lexie was here. He really does love having aunts. He had so much fun with Auntie Karen too. Jumping on her bouncy bed and having her for a sleepover. Plus every morning he'd wake up, "Where's Auntie Lexie"

I thought this was a good picture to demonstrate the room we were in. Plus it shows how handsome Lucas is (and my big belly)

Anyway it was a excellent celebration and as usual Oma and Opa were excellent guests.

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Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a wonderful weekend indeed!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to your Oma and Opa

great photos of a very enjoyable time

Jenn may I say you look radiant especially in the last photo

pleased you all had a great time

Lori said...

What a wonderful collection of pictures from a great weekend. Jenn...I can't believe how much your belly has changed since I saw you the previous weekend on the web cam! Mackenzie loved it! We're sure to have a new baby very soon...and we can hardly wait.


Jenna said...

Beautiful pictures! The food looks delicious, and you look absolutely glowing pregnant!

sari said...

Gosh, it sounds like such a wonderful day! I love seeing all the pictures.

You look beautiful, by the way!! I miss being pregnant, isn't that weird?? I love the excitement and joy of having the little guy here, but I miss the anticipation and wondering about what was to come.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. What wonderful looking food. Please pass my congratulations on to Oma and Opa on their 50th Wedding Celebration. It is truly special when you reach those milestones in your life and you reflect back. Good for them, and they look tremendous.
Thanks again for the pictures and commentary. Love Grammy

Allie said...

What a special weekend you all had. Isn't family wonderful? And Grandparents? Wow - what an incredible feat to reach 50 years of wedded bliss. Not so much because of divorce, but because now a days, everyone marries so much later that they don't have a chance to get to those milestones.

It sounded like a perfect weekend to me. And what a beautiful belly you have!