Monday, March 03, 2008

Monthly Newsletter- Minus One and Counting

Dear Baby,

Well in about a months time you will be here with us. People (other then me) will be able to hold you. I will admit to you know that I am quite nervous about your arrival. Don't get me wrong I'm excited as well, excited to meet you, see what you look like, look at your little fingers and toes. But honestly newborns are hard. Your brother is pretty easy going too, but I still found him hard. I'm trying to be optimistic and hoping that because I've done it once it will be a little easier, but I imagine you will be different then your brother and that things I did with him won't work with you, then what do I do. I guess try something different and just keep trying things till I find something that works, kind of like I did with Lucas.

I wonder if you'll cry a lot, if it will bother me or Lucas more. What kind of eater will you be? Good, picky, will you take a bottle as well as Lucas did? Your brother was kind of a medium baby, good eater, but cried lots. How will you be? I'm worried things will be worse, but you never know they could be better. I can just imagine you reading this as a teenager and complaining about how I compared you to Lucas even before you were born, it's just that what I know... when you are going through something tough it's kind of what you revert too.

I do wonder how you'll fit into the family and I'm sure by summertime we'll be wondering what life was like without you, but for the moment I'm nervous about the change. It takes time to create the nice balance we have now. I am also worried about dividing up time. Now we have a nice balance of me time, Lucas time and family time. That will all have to change again. I'm sure the me time will be gone for a while. Either your dad or I will always be with you or your brother.

In this last month I have started to really prepare for your arrival. Getting your room ready, I did a bunch of laundry for you today. Knowing my luck you'll be late, but it's better to be prepared.

With anticipation,



Mackenzie said...

Aunt Jenn,
I'm sure the baby will be great! Yes, of course, he will cry and fuss at first, but that's what babies do. I have a feeling he will be a wonderful kid! I mean, he has two amazing parents and an amazing brother that will love and care for him. He will grow in only a few years (ya, that sounds like a long time) to be a well-mannered, caring young man, just like Lucas. I can't wait to see him for the first time! My name vote is Jonah, but could you change it to Jonas because then both of the boys could be named after songs! Lukie's Boat by Great Big Sea and the new baby could be named after My Name Is Jonas by Weezer (AWESOME SONG!). I hope everyone is well. I also hope Lucas adjusts well to the new baby in about a month.


Allie said...

As I read this beautiful letter, I got all misty eyed with rememberance of the thoughts that swirled in my mind when I was getting close for delivery. It is tough for you never know what your next experience will be like, the only thing that you know that you can count on is the unconditional love that is bestowed upon that precious little one when placed within your arms.

Goofball said...

ooh it's really getting near now, isn't it! Take care :) Enjoy your precious little newborn!