Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Big Sea

If you have been reading the blog for a while you'll know what a big fan I am of the Barenaked Ladies. Really I'm a big fan of Canadian music. Not all Canadian music, but most of it. One of my favoites is Great Big Sea. They play east coast/celtic music. There songs have great upbeat messages (except for Scolding Wife "if the devil would take I'd thank him for his pain I swear to god I'll never get married again). I use to blare them loudly while drivin home after night shift. Lucas was also named for one of their songs. They were also on the cruise, so I got to introduce Tammy to what a fun experience their concert. On the second night she claimed she wasn't going to jump or clap, but when you are there you just can't help yourself.

So anytime I get a chance to see them and jump around, i "jump" on the chance. Last night was one of them. And the fun part about it was it was our godson's first concert. He was so excited, although exhausted by the end of it. It was a gala. So there were many many artists that night. The Canadian Tenors (who were much younger and better looking then I expected), Sophie Millman (a jazz artist), Divine Brown (and R&B Artist) and George Canyon (a country artist) were all on before GBS.

It was a super fun night. To see Matt's excitement when his favorite songs were song was priceless.

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