Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Charlotte's Web

Lucas and I are almost done Charlotte's web. Tonight we were reading the second last chapter. The chapter where Charlotte dies. I can barely read it through my tears. Lucas looks over at me and starts laughing. Of course this made me start laughing. I don't know if he was laughing because I was crying about a spider dying or that I was crying at a book, but he thought it was hilarious. It was one of those few times I was feeling both sad and happy at the same time.

Till Tomorrow



beth - total mom haircut said...

Ok, that's kind of hysterical. I've been wanting to read this to Sam, but in the back of my mind I was always worried he might be really affected by the death of Charlotte. But it would probably be more like this. I feel like whenever I assume one of the boys will be saddened or upset by something it turns out I was completely unjustified. I'd probably be sitting there hesitantly reading and tearing up, only to have him laugh:)

Goofball said...

that's odd that he started laughing :p