Wednesday, November 25, 2009


More then 6 years ago I started the job I'm doing now. I really love my job and although it's not always perfect, I do really like it. 6 years ago when I started my job there was a tremendous learning curve. Although I was teaching people how to be x-ray technologists, and I was an x-ray technologist, it was a whole new world. Different terminology, different working environment, needing to know the information inside and out. It was a huge adjustment and although I was ready for the challenge, the work was phenomenal.

Here is the second part of the story and they will blend together at the end. Here in Calgary we are quite far north, so in May and June we have these really really long days. It's bright at 6 in the morning and doesn't get really dark until 11pm. It's great I love it. But of course to the ying there is a yang and in November the days are short. The sun comes up around 7:30 and goes down around 5 pm.

So the first year (and second) of teaching during the month of November, I only saw the sun on the weekends. That "SAD" thing, I had that. No sun 5 days in a week. I started work before the sun came up and didn't leave my desk till the sun went down. So November is never really been my favorite month.

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Goofball said...

I leave in the dark to work too and arrive in the dark home. But fortunately I have windows in the office.