Wednesday, November 04, 2009


My new favorite show this year is Glee. My favorite part of it is the singing and dancing. I've always loved musicals so this show is totally for me. But I love the smartness of it as well. There are such funny and clever characters. They also take the music and use it to reflect the emotions of the characters. And they take new songs and old songs and mash them up.

Have you been watching? What do you think?

Till Tomorrow



Anonymous said...

I think that I am the only person left on the planet who has not seen Glee. I've heard from many sources how wonderful it is. I will need to PVR it and sit and watch it one of these days.

Alexis said...

I thought Glee was supposed to be new tonight!! :( Oh well, I'll just watch the pilot again for the 3rd time!!

Lori said...

In our time zone Glee didn't even air a repeat tonight...DAMN BASEBALL! I LOVE this show! Mackenzie and I literally count the sleeps each week until the next episode comes on. It's so cleverly written. At work we describe it as a blend of 1950's high school stereotypes with modern day issues thrown in. I also love that you can get the performances from the show on iTunes. Can't get enough of it!