Friday, November 13, 2009

Motherhood of One

Thanks everyone to your very nice comments on the last post. The reason I posted something so different then my normal happy posts is because I think it's important for me and others who read the blog is to remember that I have things about myself I'd like to change and improve. And although I am usually a pretty happy person, I like everyone else have times where I question who I am. Thanks again though, the support is so nice.

Back to normal posts.

This afternoon Lucas is at his best buds birthday party, Nathan is upstairs sleeping and I am blogging in the afternoon. This kind of reminds me of blogging in the beginning. I use to blog every afternoon while Lucas slept, I'd write about our events, his sleep habits. Nathan has been sleeping well. In the night he is getting quite good at falling back to sleep. Life is starting to feel good again.... easy again. I am getting enough sleep at night and enough uninteruputed sleep. Which makes everything with the boys seem better and brighter. Nathan and I also went to gymboree today. It was great fun and again reminded me of being a parent to one kid. Nathan is really enjoying it, he lovely the singing part. I think I may look for a kindermusik class for next fall.

Tonight I'm headed out for some retail therapy.

Till Tomorrow


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Lori said...

I remember being out there in 2005 and you'd run down to the computer during Lucas's afternoon nap to download pictures from the camera and draft your blog entry for the day. Good times!
Nathan is such a fun-loving kid...I can picture him having a BLAST at Gymboree and by the way...Grammy displays her Gymboree certificate that she got on her last visit very proudly on her fridge. She was showing it to me last weekend and she was absolutely beaming!

Enjoy your retail therapy tonight! I'll be anxious to hear about the treasures you'll come home with.

"insert jealous glare here" :D