Thursday, September 03, 2009


Tomorrow Nathan and I head to Ontario. A good friend of mine from high school is getting married and I found a great deal to head to Ontario and go see that happen. I'm taking Nathan with me as he is attached to my hip and he's free. Luckily we are just going for a day because it is just about 12 hours till I leave and I just finished my list of stuff we need to take with us.

Life is been kind of busy tonight we met Lucas's teacher for preschool. This was fun, but I know I'm going to have to e-mail the student I'm suppose to see on his first day, because it was obvious he is still quite shy. The whole time we talked to the teacher his arms were clamped my neck. He talked to her okay, but didn't really want to leave me. Nathan on the other hand was cut from a different cloth. He smiled at anyone who would smile back, he would do what any other of the kids would do.

We've also been having some issues with Tigger, one of our cats. We have put her on a special and expensive food. Since it is so "special", we've been doing our best to make sure that she is the only one that eats it, but all of the animals want it. So when I put away her food, both of the animals pretend they are bloodhounds, sniffing all around until they give up and go back to their normal foods.

Last little detail, I was at the grocery store this week and it looks like I am a horrible cook. With having all the vegetables at home my cart has some fruit, but all other food is from the middle of the store.

They'll be pictures and details of the wedding when I return.

Till Tomorrow


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