Thursday, September 24, 2009

30th Birthday Celebrations

Last week I turned 30 years old. In typical Jenn fashion I celebrated for a whole week.

It started on my actual birthday with a delicious bouquet of food from Mom and Dad. Lucas and Nathan really enjoyed it as well. He kept saying about "how good" it was. I would definilty recommend an edible arrangement's.
After a request from me Darryl went out and bought Beatles Rockband, which is really a blast. The birthday celebrations ended with a weekend of parties.

First was my Friday night party. Here are some great, super fun ladies. Singing happy birthday to me. More details are on Michelle's blog (she's a new blogger, stop by and say hi) and Lesley's blog. Then a family birthday with more kareoke and more rockband. It was music filled which makes a celebration for me.

This was a great appetizer I made. It's cream cheese and whip cream mixed together. Then drizzled caramel all over and skor bar crushed on top. I highly recommend it.

Nathan trying to get in on the rockband drumming. The kids were great. I am usually a schedule nazi, but knew they would fall asleep easily with all the noise and excitment. So I kept them awake and they were good, till almost 10pm

Lexie and Karen showing off their moves, they were singers and dancers. I think they both really enjoyed themselves. I was amazed at how many songs we all knew (especially Auntie Karen)

Monkey see, monkey do. =)

Lucas's snuggling with Auntie Karen and her belting out a song.

One of the funniest parts was a 10 year old who was there. He didn't really know any of the songs, but loved singing along. Which meant he really didn't know the tune or the note, so was really off. But still had a great time.

Thanks everyone for a great party.

Till Tomorrow



Darryl said...

On the appetizer, you forgot to say you eat it by dipping apple wedges in it. :)

It was a fun week and weekend.

Lori said...

You have such a tremendously fun family! What a lucky lady and it's so cool that the boys enjoyed so much of the evening with you.

Jenna said...

Wow...looks like you had a wonderful birthday week! I'm thinking about making that appetizer now. ;)

Goofball said...

a food bouquet! so cool, never seen that before.