Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jet Setters

This weekend Nathan and I flew to Ontario for a wedding of a good friend of mine. It was a quick visit but good. I love weddings. This was a beautiful wedding. I love the feeling of love, the dancing, the good food.
It made me miss my husband as he was at home having a boys weekend with Lucas. But it was a really lovely day and it makes me happy to see people I love so happy. Nathan enjoyed having his aunt and uncle and cousin and grammy around to make him happy. He also enjoyed chasing the squirrels around.
We have squirrels in Calgary, but no where near as many trees or squirrels as they have in Ontario. He was also amazed when Alex, a high school friend of ours played the bells during Ava Maria. The reception was also great, although Nathan stayed home with his family, food was delicious. I love dancing and my friend sat me with some very fun, very kind ladies.

Going back to Ontario is always an interesting experience. It's like anytime you go back somewhere you use to call home. Whether it's an old house or school. Many memories come flooding back, like I remember taking the bus to that library, or I remember sliding on the ice in that intersection. I saw old friends at the wedding and we can chat like no time has passed, when really many years have passed.

But at the same time there is that feeling that I don't belong here any more. This is not my home. I've lived in Calgary for 10 years now. One more year and I will have lived longer here then I have lived anywhere else.

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Goofball said...

I totally get that feeling of going home to your hometown where you've spend the major part of your life (so hence memories everywhere)

and yet you've become a stranger there! I have that too, even though I come "home" probably a lot more often than you do.