Thursday, September 10, 2009


Unlike Goofball I love fall. I miss the leaves of Ontario. But generally I love fall. I like routine and fall colours. Today our new students started. Fall around campus is fun with anticipation. There is not the stress that comes later in the year. For the moment it's just the excitement. I love to get them all brand new and know that in a year they will be part of our x-ray "world". That in two ears I will be working along side them rather then teaching them. We get to teach them and nurture them and watch them grow.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

A start at school is exciting, but summer vacation is still better I think :D

But it's so moving to see how you enjoy your teaching job. I can feel the energy through your post!

(oh could you refer to me as Goofball on the internet please?!)

Goofball said...

hey thanks!