Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Seventeen

Dear Nathan,

This week you turned seventeen months old. This weekend we were in Ontario and people kept asking how old you were, I had to do some counting on my fingers to remember. Time goes by so quickly and I can't believe you that much closer to a year and a half.

This month has been quite fun. We spent two weeks in Kelowna and you loved it. You loved the water, you loved being with Oma, Opa, Pop and Auntie Karen. You liked eating chocolate sprinkles on bread and watching Emma shake all the water off. You loved being splashed and loved the water park in Kelowna.

You love dancing. You'll spin or bounce up and down. You also love hand movements whether it rolling your hands for "the Wheels on the Bus" or "Patty Cake". When we watch Little Einsteins now you will pat and lift your hands in the air. We have also taught you a couple of sign language signs and that is helping with your communication as well.

Your speech is coming along, but slowly. You can say a couple of words. Most people who spend any time with you know how much you understand. I can tell you to put a hat on and you will. Or put something in the garbage and you will. SO far you say mum, ball, dad. I've heard you say cat and dog and you know that a dog pants, not barks. Although the other day we were making barking noises and you were trying so hard to do it. But for you to talk back to me is still a challenge. But it's getting there.

You still are quite attached to me. You will go to other people but if I'm in the room you'll want to be with me. Even when we were in Ontario you were great for Lori and Ian while they were babysitting you. But as soon as I came in the door and started to speak you woke up crying for me.

We have been enjoying the outside, people love your white blond hair. Daddy wants to cut it, but I kept putting it off. It is so beautiful and has little curls at the end.

You love to copy everything Lucas is doing. Whether it's a conotation in his voice or something he is climbing on or jumping from, you try to do it as well. I think that having a weekend away from Lucas probably did you both some good. But I think you did really miss him. You learn so so much from him. Even if it seems a little too old for you.

Love you baby

love mommy

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Goofball said...

he looks more like Lucas than before! His hair in the first picture is hilarious.