Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reason 707 I Love Apple

Today I went into the Apple store becuase my laptop wasn't a laptop anymore and needed to be plugged into work. So I went to their website and made an appotiment with a genuius. They did some tests and yep it was my battery. But there was no fee to diagnosis my problem. Also while I was there they offered to install a new keyboard and front panel, because my old panel was cracked, again for free! So for a new keyboard, a diagnosis and a new battery. I only had to pay for the new battery. And it was easy and fun! Plus I think a genius would be a great job for my Dad or Darryl.

Buy Apple! They are awesome! I am so impressed.

Till Tomorrow



Susan said...

Yeah for Apple I am impressed

Darryl said...

Well, as you know I'm a Windows computer programmer and although my desktop computer is still a windows machine (since I need it for work), my personal machine is a Mac and I'm so happy I switched. I love the look of it and the speed and responsiveness too.

I'm so happy you're joining me on the couch again with your laptop on your lap. Though it was just fine that you would sometimes use mine. :)

Lori said...

That's amazing service. We've had excellent treatment from them, too. Ian's iPod Classic needed repair under the extended Apple Care plan. He called in the request, a box arrived by UPS the next day. We sent it back the next day and two days later he had a brand spanking new replacement in the mail (we were expecting a refurbished iPod as a replacement). We were VERY impressed. So that's 4 days from phone call to new iPod in hand. Wow.