Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks Commenters

Anyone who blogs knows what a great feeling it is to have people comment on what you write. A big thanks you to everyone who has been commenting on my blog lately. Everything kind of slows down over the summer but it is rewarding to see some commenters coming back again. Over the summer I was feeling a little disenheartened about the reasons for continuing to blog. But I don't blog for the comments, but it is still a really nice feeling to have some feedback from people.

Thanks again, I will continue to comment on your blogs too.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

your welcome :)
Thank you for your visits on my blog too :)

Lori said...

I'm going to blame Google reader for my decrease in comments. I read all of the blogs I like religiously every day (yours being my first and will always be my favourite) but I don't always remember to go direct to the blog to comment. I know what a tremendous effort it takes to blog regularly and I just want you to know how much I value your blog. It keeps me from being a stranger to my nephews (along with video conferencing, of course). Plus, I love all of the funny stories you relay about the boys or about your family.

Lesley said...

Bloglines totally makes me lazy :o(

Maybe that's something I'll work on for the New Year that's approaching quickly...

But there's no time like the present. I too like the comments but don't like begging for them either, remember a certain cheaty's De-Lurking Thursday...I think that was to generate more comments. Sad, but I'm sure I thought about doing it too. Oh wait, I think I actually did do it, LOL!

jennster said...

it's true.. as much as we write for ourselves and our needs to get things off our chest and out there- it's SO nice to be related too. and it's so nice to have people converse with you in the comments. it's nice when a blog post creates dialogue.

i totally agree with lori though- i think feed readers are killing TONS of comments. people have to be really inclined to click over from the window to comment. but they're still reading! :)