Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lynda's Visit 2009

This past weekend Grammie, or Darryl mom Lynda came to visit. We did lots of our normal weekend things, play outside, preschool and gymboree. I worked and Darryl took a day off, so they had lots of mother and son time. It was also Lucas's best friends birthday and we had lots of fun at Let's Play. It's great to have Grammie around, she loves the kids and plays with Lucas so I can nap. Lucas loves having another fun playmate around. Nathan is not to the same point yet (although he's barely at the point of wanting another playmate other then his mother. ) Grammie is also very clean. I am not so clean, but it was great to have a clean kitchen for a whole weekend.

We did do some special things like go to the mountains and have the amazing brunch at the Banff Springs.

Family photo at the Banff Springs Hotel

Lynda Darryl and Lucas at the Banff Springs hotel

my boys at the castle

Darryl, Lucas and Nathan, playing in the balls.

Lucas jumping in the balls at Let's Play.

An awesome picture of Lucas and Nathan

All of us at the brunch.

Nathan "jumping", which is really just stepping.

A great shot of my boys.

Till Tomorrow



Goofball said...

that is truly a great shot of your boys indeed.

wow those flower bushes at Banff look so beautiful. What is that? Wasn't it getting chilly up there yet? 5 years ago we were in Banff mid-september and summer sure was far gone already

Lori said...

Those are such lovely pictures and she had such a wonderful time with all of you! What luck we've had with good weather on trips to Alberta this summer!