Tuesday, September 15, 2009

29th Year

As I do with each of boys I think birthdays are a time to reflect. This 29th year has been incredible. It had some challenges too, but it had some of the most amazing experiences too. The highlights that stand out for me are watching Nathan and Lucas grow up. When I broke my foot. How hard that was and how quickly it went by, although while it was going on it seemed like a lifetime. Going on a big family vacation to Florida for Christmas. Playing with Lucas in the snow. Watching Nathan learn how to walk. Going on the MOST incredible vacation with Tammy on the BNL cruise. Weakerthans music. Concerts. Summer with family, Darryl's, mine and our "chosen" family. Dinner with my parents and Tammy and Pat.

Really I can't believe what an incredible year it has been. Really the past decade has been so amazing. I don't think I can top it. I got married, had babies, went on amazing vacations. Wow....

Till Tomorrow


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Goofball said...

of course you can top that....you'll get a new decade with your children growing up ! And maybe you can work on a vacation to Europe (I've heard there's some nice bloggers there :p) one day , etc etc

happy birthday once again!