Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Typical Day

My birthday was on a Monday this year so fairly typical day for us. My best friend did come for dinner, which was nice. And on the Sunday I got in some serious shopping with out children, so that was really a great part of the day for me. If you cheer "fashion show", I'll take a picture of myself in what I bought......

In the morning Lucas and I cleaned. He sings along with songs and I love it!

Then a couple of his friends came over and he played while Nathan napped and I read Eclipse (which I am loving) While his friends were here we did watch some pavers out front. Lucas was very excited.

For dessert (after pie) I enjoyed some Bernard Callebaut chocolate.

Today my birthday present came in the mail. A zoom lens. Here is the same shot close and far away. And my favorite picture of Lucas.

Till Tomorrow



Lesley said...

Love the zoom lens!!!

Glad your day was fabulous! Did your BF mention that I cornered her at Kindergarten and Alex is in her son's class?

How cool is that?!

Goofball said...

Barry Callebaut in Calgary is a Belgian....a member of a famous Belgian chocolate family. Callebaut used to be a famous Belgian brand of chocolate bars, which got sold to ...Nestlé?(not sure, one of those multinationals). In that period Barry migrated to Canada. I saw a documentary in the 90ies!

In the mean time Callabout company exists again and is the biggest supplier of bulk chocolate in the world (so not the finished products)(http://www.callebaut.com/). I am not sure if his family is still involved or not.

Jenna said...


(hmmm....am i the only one?)

Glad you had a terrific day!

Lori said...


That video is too cute! Is he doing dishes? Either way...with his love of music, you can sure tell that he's your boy!

Love ya!