Monday, September 01, 2008

Marineland: A Photo Essay

One of our days in Ontario was spent in Marineland. Here are some photos of the day. I know it's the first day of school, but Lexie you've got to wait till the last picture....

After a 2 hour drive we got to see the Whales!

More Whales

Then Grammie followed the map to the next set of whales


Kenzie and I feeding the belugas

Then off to feed the red bear corn pops

And the black bear

And feeding the fish

Waiting for the dophin show to start

Here's the dolphin show

Then off to the rides....
The ferris wheel

And Lucas's favorite the ladybug coaster. Where I was more scared then he was.

And of course the biggest waterfall in the world.

After all that excitement we needed some food. Off for the best chicken fingers in the land. Can you guess where from......

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

how wonderful and what a cool marine land :)

Alexis said...

Aww man!! TGIFridays's chicken fingers!!! I guess I'll have to wait until christmas!

Allie said...

Your trip looked like so much fun! I didn't realize that they had a Marineland in Ontario ... how dumb does that sound ....

Goofball said...

can you feed the bears? really? is that safe?

I've seen beluga's in the Vancouver aquarium. They were blowing ring bubbles underwater and chased them with their nose. Very playfull and funny. did you see taht too? Marineland seems like quite a treat to go to!