Monday, September 08, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Five

Dear Nathan,

Happy 5 months baby. Yesterday I said that to you and you gave me one of those big smiles you love to dawn on anyone who will smile back at you. You smile a lot and will give smiles to anyone. You have yet to start and play strange. You are also much more free with your laughs. You are laughing everyday now. Whether it with tickles or playing peek-a-boo. You love to be happy.

One of your favorite things is smiling at your self in the mirror. Anytime we walk by one and you get a glance of yourself you smile away. You'll often smile and then hide your head like you are playing shy. It's so cute. I know you don't yet know it's you in the mirror, but another baby smiling back at you.

Physically you are getting stronger as well. You love to be upright. Often when I lay you down on the ground, you try to do a little sit up. Or if I lay you on your belly you'll lift your upper body so that you are doing a mini push up. You have also become a good jumper this month. Your jumperoo use to entertain you for 5 minutes and now you can jump and jump for a long time.

We also have taken you from one end of the country to the other this month. You have done a wonderful job of adapting. You have blessed people from BC to Ontario with your smile. Everyone loves a baby, but for your family you are so precious. With all the traveling it also means that we have done lots of snuggling in the same bed together. We'll sleep in the bed all night snuggling together. I love that baby smell and get to smell you all the time.

It's amazing how bringing another person into our family brings us all a little closer together. You are one more thing that we as a family have in common. Whether it's Lucas looking for you in the morning or him trying to get you to grab his nose. Or Daddy making funny faces to try and get you smiling, you help to bring us all together.

I love you baby
love mommy


Lori said...

Gosh, I love that little man! He was such a joy to have in the house when you were here. He seldom fusses as long as there's lots of people to interact with. He lights up a room.

You are truly blessed.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

OMGosh 5 months already
where does the time go

such a happy growing little man
and Lucas looks like he truly adores him too

I agree with Lori you are truly blessed :)