Friday, September 05, 2008

Back in the Saddlle or Atleast the Potty

Well this week we have started to get back into a bit of a routine. It is a weird September because no one is going back to school or at least starting with new students. I love to be a teacher in September. The students are so excited and eager. Come December they are burnt out. I've also been reading other blogs about first days of school for many kids. But we are going to take on some new things here as well including the eat at home challenge.

The big thing is potty training. I've been doing research figuring out what is the best way, techniques, fun things. If you guys have any advice that worked for you, let me know. We bought a whole bunch of underwear today. Plus we have a bunch of cheerios by the toliet to throw in for aiming practice.

I'm also trying to get Nathan into his morning and afternoon nap. As he is 4 months old, some days it works and other days it doesn't.

Fall is a great time for new things.

Till Tomorrow



Jenna said...

Way to go. We used the M&M system in our house and it worked well. We also went diaperless. After a few accidents, they start the learning process of using the potty.

All kids are different, though. And I've only experienced w/girls. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!

Jenn said...

I did the diaperless thing with my girl and it worked. I have no experience with potty training boys yet. My two and a half year old wants nothing to do with anything resembling a potty or a toilet. I'm hoping he shows some interest soon! Good luck to you, you'll have to let us know what worked for you.