Saturday, September 13, 2008

A few bricks short of a load- but a full load hurts my back.

This week was a little crazy for me. All summer Lucas has enjoyed the outdoors and will spend hours playing with his friends. I always keep a fairly close eye on him and check even if he's playing in someone elses yard. But this week rain combined with potty training made me a little crazy. Yesterday I spent the whole day with Lucas, not breaks, no rides in the car, no friends, no nap. THE WHOLE DAY! It hasn't been like that all summer. And while I do love Lucas it made me fearful for winter. I'm going to have to have some serious fun stuff for us to do and sign us up for some classes, organize play dates. Stay at home moms definitely have all my respect. It's easier when your kid goes to school or at least has other kids around to play with.

The thing that helps keep me the most sane is thinking about the BareNaked Ladies cruise. YEAH!! I can't wait to go. I listen to the music super loud, Lucas and I will watch videos of the last cruise. Really it is the combination of two of my favorite extra curricular activities. Traveling and music.

The cruise is coming, the cruise is coming.....


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