Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things to Mention....

An update of what has been happening this week:

  • We are doing some sleep training with Nathan, which means we are letting him cry. It was getting to the point that only nursing would put him to sleep. So we decide to take the same route we did with Lucas, which was successful. So now we play his mix and go see him every couple of minutes, each time getting longer. It's been a day and getting much better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tonight. Last night he was up 5 times and one of those times it took him an hour and a half to oget back to sleep
  • We bought some new Iams food for Emma, she is loving it. If you have ever met Emma you'll know she is a picky eater. We usually have to put some real meat on her dog food to convince her to eat it.
  • Lucas went poop on the potty yesterday. He has the pees mastered but we are still working on the poops.
  • Lucas and I or Darryl have been going for bike rides in the evening. It has been lots of fun. It's good that he is getting old enough that we can do things together.
Till Tomorrow



Jenna said...

Hurray for a poop on the potty!

Isn't it so much fun when you can start doing more w/them like bike rides? I swear, it just gets funner!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

all the best with the sleep training

Our Little Man loves for going bike rides and I LOVE riding my bike :)


Goofball said...

the bike rides sound lovely.

Good luck with the potty training and the sleep training

Lori said...

Good job, Lucas...and I'm SO pleased for Emma, too!