Monday, September 22, 2008

Teeth Ticklers

Today was Lucas's first trip to the dentist. It took some convincing but eventually he let the hygienist to use her tooth tickler, water gun and little vacuum. Luckily we are doing well with teeth brushing and she said they looked great. I brought the camera to take his picture but didn't get one because he was sitting on my lap the whole time.

Yeah Lucas! I have been trying to not influence my attitude (dislike) about the dentist on Lucas, which is hard. But I think it went well today.

Till Tomorrow


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Lori said...

Great job, Lucas! Mackenzie was scared to death of the dentist as a youngster and has only begun to loosen up a little in recent years but it sounds like Lucas is off to a great start!

Give him a big High-5 for me!