Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For the last year or so I have raved about Tuesday it was my day off with Lucas where I didn't have to work and I loved our days together. Now that I am on maternity leave I am raving about Wednesday's, the day Lucas goes to his day home. On Wednesday Nathan and I get some special time together. For example when he woke up from a short nap today I was able to take him into our bed and nurse him to sleep again, so he got a full two hour nap. It's also quiet. I'm sure the quietness drove me crazy when I was on maternity leave. But I don't have my little buddy here to talk and talk, so I enjoy the peace of Wednesdays. Its also the day I use to get stuff done. Appotiments, needles, shopping. Allmuch easier to do without a thee year old.

I really debated about keeping Lucas in his day home while on maternity leave. I felt guilty about sending him away when I was home. But I do love the days with my baby.
Plus I think its nice for Nathan to have his mommy to himself for a day.

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Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

there are other children at the day care isnt there
this means its good for Lucas too
its good for them to spend some time away and with other children

enjoy your Wednesdays with your precious baby :)


Goofball said...

I think it's great that you get to spend a day with Nathan alone.

sari said...

I think you should continue with it. I know that my older son is much more social than my middle son because he was out (at a babysitter) with other people, and my middle son wasn't.

And you do need time with the baby, don't feel guilty! I had a hard time because my oldest are only three years apart and I felt like I didn't have the proper time to give them both the attention they deserved, so if you can have some alone time with them, you should do it.


sari said...

ps love the picture!