Friday, August 29, 2008

Adventures of Emma (Houdini)

me: good morning
how's Emma been?Susan: the last couple of days have been difficult
me: oh no, whys that?
Susan: I sometimes think that she is to smart for her own good
8:15 AM me: what's going on?
Susan: Well its a really long story, Dad told you about how he broke the chair
8:16 AM me: yeah he did. Is she okay? Are you okay?
8:17 AM Susan: Well it really spooked her and she ran off, Dad was really worried, but it was hard for him to look for her because he was wearing roller blades
He called me and I had just gotten home from work, so I went over to help him look for Emma
8:18 AM I also took him some shoes. Then he started one way around the lake and I went the other and then up the side walk
When I got to the top to the walk there was a truck parked in front of you house with a dog in it that looked like Emma
8:20 AM The man asked me if I was Jenn, I said no that I was her mom and was that Emma in his truck, he said yes. He told me that his girlfriend worked to animal control and looked up the tag and they decided to bring Emma back home. When I asked them were they found Emma they said she was way over on the other side of the neighboorhood
What street I asked. They said ____ green (which is my moms street)
8:21 AM They live three doors away from us and Emma had run all the way to our house after she was spooked
me: Wow, she went back to your house?
Susan: Yes I can't believe that she would know how to do that. But let me continue with the story.
8:22 AM Yesterday morning I went to drop her off before work and she refused to get out of the car.
I had no idea what to do and I was late for work so I just took her with me and left her in the car.
8:23 AM We had a call out in Black Diamond and so she came with us. I had the Subaru as I was hoping to take it in to get it detailed, so we ended up taking that so that Emma would not be alone
8:24 AM I don't think she likes the tinted windows as about halfway out she jumped into the front seat onto Ro's lap
So I pulled over and got Ro to sit in the back and Emma in the front.
8:25 AM When we got back to Calgary I decided to go to your house and see if I could get Emma to go into the house via the back door.
8:26 AM I took some struggling, but she did finally go in. This was about 3:30 in the afternoon. I called your Dad and said don't worry about picking her up and I would pick her up after work around 8:00
When I got to your place after work she was waiting for me outside on the front step, tail wagging all excited.
8:27 AM I am thinking how the hell did she get out, I suspect that you are thinking the same.
8:28 AM So I checked the front door which was locked and then went to the back of the house and at first it looked like the back door was closed, so I checked the windows and couldn't figure out what was going on.
8:30 AM When I looked at the back door again I could see that it was open, so I went in heart in my throat thinking D is going to kill me if the computer are gone, but all was still there then I looked and she had scratched at the door as there is some wood on the floor and some insulation, I think that in her scratching she unlocked the door and then got the door handle to turn and out she was. Luckily the cats didn't get out too.
8:31 AM So your dad and I went back last night and took the lock off the door and barricaded it with numerous household items. Not sure what to do with her today as I am working again, leave her in the car, take her back to your place or leave her hear
what do you think
8:32 AM me: my god.......
Susan: If she had some Ativan it would be easier :D
Susan: I feel like with all this typing I just wrote your next blog
me: I think it will be =)
8:38 AM me: Lori and I were reading it and kept saying... Type faster... what is going to happen.
8:39 AM Susan: okay,
8:40 AM me: I say just leave her in our house. Try to use the front door and say " Emma you are staying here, have a good day" be sure that the basement door is closed. And when you drive away be sure she sees the car leaving.
Susan: okay
me: If she seems agitated tell her to lay down and stay.
8:41 AM Tell her again, she is staying here.

As mom said that dog is too smart for her own good. I'll let you know what happens....

Till Tomorrow.... Jenn


Alexis said...

what chair did dad break? what's that part of the story?

Lesley said...

Did I miss the part about the chair?

Poor Emma- sounds like she misses you guys a lot!