Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Snuggles and Smells

Nathan must be going through a growth spurt because he is sleeping lots. At 17 pounds and 29 inches. He is already a big guy.

Last night was one of those times where I thought I have to blog this, because I want to remember it forever. I know the memory will fade so I better write it down. It was about 10pm and Nathan and I were watching the Olympics. He laid his head down on my shoulder and spent about 10 minutes just watching the people, they his eyes started to droop and eventually he let himself fall asleep. He was so nice and warm and all snuggled into my chest. He felt so peaceful and safe in my arms. And he smelled so sweet, just like babies do. I closed my eyes and tried to take it all in. Pretty soon he won't be able to fall asleep in my arms. And not too much longer after that he's not going to want to snuggle with me.

But last night it was like heaven on earth.

Till Tomorrow...... Jenn


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

you might be surprised
my 13 year old son still likes to sit by me and put his head on my shoulder
especially when I read to him

some boys remain cuddly

when I was a girl I use to go to my cousins and stay for the holidays I admired them as they (boys) use to go up to their mum in the kitchen and cuddle her from behind

It is special what happened to you
and I love it when my youngest does that too (or similar hes nearly 3)

I dont think it always stops sometimes it just changes but its still real nice and special


Anonymous said...

I remember those times with you, but it still happens if we sit together in the big chair side by side, even now you still have that baby smell, but it's probally N.
Love ya

Lori said...

I'm looking forward to getting some of those snuggles and baby smells, too! Can't wait!

beth - total mom haircut said...

It's moments like that that make me so glad I blog and have a place to go to preserve the memory just the way it was. And thank you for sharing it with us:)

sari said...

i love the smell of babies. and i love when they snuggle, it's the best.

my sons still like to snuggle and the older ones are ten and six, so don't lose hope. :-)