Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture HIghlights from Our Kelowna Vacation

Our trip to Kelowna was awesome. I do love it there. Everyday we would head to the beach. Usually Nathan would have his morning nap while Lucas played and then we would head off. Emma was loving the water and by the end of the trip so was Lucas. We found a great spot by the end of the week, where everyone was happy and there was lots of shade for Nathan. Opa had to go into the hospital while we were there, and although it was unfortunate, I was glad we were there to help them out.

Lucas enjoying the water with his dad.

The door at Misson Hill Winery
Stepping over the cracks at the winery

Grandma and Pop joined us at the end of the week. Here's Pop with his grandsons.
Enjoying breakfast with G&P

The boys were great on the ride down and the ride back. Lucas loved the tunnels through the mountains.

Lucas loved playing underneath Oma and Opa's apricot tree.

Lucas colored himself with cherry juice. It was his war paint.

Helping Oma pick beans for dinner

Hanging with Dad in the water
Playing at the waterpark downtown
This picture was taken while sitting in the hot tub.

It was a great vacation

Till Tomorrow



Lori said...

Those are outstanding pictures! What a lovely vacation you had. How is Opa doing?

Goofball said...

ooooh I've done the Mission Hill tour as well. Funny

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a wonderful time you all had

hows Opa???

Jenna said...

Beautiful pics! I especially like the one with Darryl and Lucas in black and white...just classic.