Friday, August 08, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Four

Dear Nathan,

Yesterday you turned 4 months old. We celebrated here on vacation by doing some of mommy's favorite things. Swimming and going out to dinner. I am not quite sure what your favorite things are yet. Although you are fond of your new jumperoo. You don't have the jumping action down yet, but you enjoy sitting in it and looking at all the new toys. Your dad had you giggling in it yesterday too. You did dip your feet in the water, but was a little shocked that water could be so cold and let me know with a wail.

Speaking of laughing that has started this month. You don't do it often and last night with daddy was the first time you've done it without the physical intervention of tickling. But when they do happen your laughs are the sweetest thing.

As you are slowly getting more control of our arms and hands one of my favorite breastfeeding rituals has started with you. That is swimming arm. I remember Lucas doing it when he would eat as well. And I love swimming arm. It's like you are petting me while you eat. Saying thanks mommy, I love you.

I'm sure part of it is me and part of it is you, but it has been a much easier go this time around. I am not so concerned with your schedule like I was with Lucas. I think with Lucas I learned a lot as well. Now I expect you to get sleepy about 2 hours after you have been up. I know that babies can't really stay up much longer. While being on vacation we've worked out a pretty good system where I feed you in bed. Early in the morning and then we always get to sleep in and no 5 am wakings.

In some ways it has been a challenging month for me. Lucas is going into his terrible 3's and testing his boundaries more and your daddy is working a lot. There are times when it all seems quite overwhelming for me, questioning if I am doing the right thing with Lucas and missing your fathers help. In the evenings as I feed you and am putting you to bed. I feel confident in what I am doing with you. When I'm having a bad day, taking care of you makes me feel like a good mommy.

love mommy


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

hes a happy boy
as ive told you before it means you are doing a wonderful job
well done to you all

Goofball said...

the picture in his big blue towel is really fun!