Friday, August 22, 2008

The Kind of Day We've Had

Lucas and I were putting moisturizing cream on our legs today, when he took a scoopful with his hand. I grabbed most of it and put it back in the container. He cried and cried, " I need more". I walked away and he rub it on the carpet. (so if the carpet smells like lemons you'll know why). I was mad and put him in a time out, which made him cry more. During his three minutes he was crying so hard he was having trouble catching his breath and sounding like he might throw up. So I brought him a cup of water when I went to talk about him what he'd done wrong. I gave him a sip and we talked about why he was there and he apologized. Then I gave him another sip and started to take the water back down stairs. He said wait, can we leave the water here. Why I said. For my time out he said.

That's the kind of day we've had..

Till Tomorrow



Anonymous said...

I asked Jon the other day why he was sitting on the stairs, he said "need time-out mommy". These kids just crack me up!



Jenna said...

Oh man. i know those kinds of days. I'm right there with ya...

sari said...

i've had a few time out days lately myself!