Monday, August 04, 2008

Darryl, Very thorough

Today while we were in Kelowna Oma and Opa headed off to church and left Darryl and I to lock up with the boys. Oma instructed me how to lock the deadbolt and to not lock the door handle as they don't have a key for it. So as we were headed out Darryl and I went around and checked the doors and then headed out for the day. Darryl had grabbed the keys, so I was sure to tell him to just lock the deadbolt and not the door.

Later at dinner Opa explained to us, he had trouble getting out onto the deck after church. Why I asked. He said he almost had to get out his screwdriver, Whys that, I asked again. He explained that someone locked it with a foot bolt and he's never done that before, so he couldn't figure out how to get it unlocked. Yes said Oma. I knew we had a problem when Opa dropped me off after church and opened the garage and I couldn't get in because someone had locked the laundry door coming in from the garage. Oma had to use the neighboors key to get in. I was laughing at this time because this is typical Darryl. He is so thorough in everything that he does. When he built the bed, an elephant could probably sleep on it, it is so well built. I'm sure that when he builds programs for work, they are meticulous. When he vacuums all the furniture gets moved so he can vacuum underneath it. So when you ask Darryl to lock up a house, expect every door to be locked, even with locks you've never used.

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Lori said...

That's my baby brother for you! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh, D? There's a reason that we used to call Dad, "Mr. Safety"!

Love ya!


...only 20 more sleeps!