Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wii Fit

We recently acquired the new lastest and greatest video game craze, yes we are proud owners of a Wii Fit. My parents were kind enough to buy us one when they got theirs. I must say I am all for supporting a video game that gets you up and moving. Good for you Nintendo for trying to get a nation of people who love to be sedentary up and moving, by doing something they are already doing(playing video games). Really it is super fun. I am not so good at the balance games or strength training, but love the aerobics and the yoga. Darryl on the other hand rocks at the balance games. My favorite is the step and the hula hoop. It's great because it tracks your weight and BMI, gives you hints and tries to make you accountable for changes in your weight. They have done a really great job with it and I highly recommend it (that is if you can find one. =)

Although here is a conversation I recently had with it.

Wii: I see you haven't been here in a couple of days
Jenn: Yeah, give me a break I have 2 kids
Wii: THere has been an increase in your weight since last time
Jenn: Well that's great
Wii: Why is that? (gives you a bunch of choices)
Jenn: I don't know, it's really only .5 of a pound, maybe it's the ice cream I just ate.
Wii: Working out on a daily basis will give you the best results
Jenn: Really, I never would have guessed
Wii: Have you noticed a change in Wii Darryl's posture
Jenn: Well yes I have
Wii: You should tell Darryl about the postive changes
Jenn: Will Do
Wii: And you should try to be more like Darryl

Till Tomorrow



Jenna said...

Man. I seriously need to get me one of those! Your conversation with the Wii cracked me up!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

bless your parents
what fun

beth - total mom haircut said...

I think your Wii might be programmed by your husband:) Gotta get one. My hubby keeps telling me all about Wii fit because he knows it's the only way I might cave...

Goofball said...

does it really have such conversations? funny

it looks really funny watching someone using the Wii if I may be honest. And I really wonder how you can do yoga and other stuff with it.

I've heard once that it is not as good as doing real sport eg wii tennis versus real tennis. In real tennis you feel the impact in your muscles when hitting the ball ...which you don't in the Wii virtual version. As a result movements can be exaggerated or repeated more than in reality which gives a risk to strain some muscles in the long run. I don't know if that's true though.

Susan & George said...

Wii Fit is great fun and you don't really notice that you are working out. I used it this morning before coming to work and got a new high score in hula hope 310 yeah, although it is unlikey that I will bet G and D on some of the games it nice to work on improving my own scores. Hopefully they will be on the shelves again soon in stores so you can all get one.


Anonymous said...

get one and use it
is it the same as the real sport
of course not
but you will have sore muscles from it
and it is exercise
and addictive which is great
not sitting in a chair playing video games
and if you have seen Walli
we all need to exercise more
because the obese is around the corner
besides if you can't take your daughter skiing in the winter you can whip her in the wii ski race

sari said...

Gosh. If it talked back to me, I don't know if I'd really like it! (ha ha)

We do enjoy our Wii, because when we play baseball or the sports games, it's a lot of fun. You just have to watch you don't whack someone while you're swinging your arms around.