Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monthly Newsletter - Month Thirty Five

Dear Lucas,

Well next month is your third birthday and you are really looking forward to it. Most people are quite impressed that you know your birthday. A couple of weeks ago we were at the lawyers signing for the will and you told the receptionist how old you were, when your birthday was and how old you would be on your next birthday. When the lawyer came in the room after Daddy and I were finished reading the wills, she said " I hear you know when your birthday is". " August 17" you replied. Then the law clerk came in and said the same thing. When we were done she took you to a couple more offices, where you also recited for them that your birthday was August 17.

As I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, you are crazy with the "why" questions. I'm glad that you are learning and apolgize for the times I snap because you've asked "why" too many times. Mostly your why questions make me laugh and make me think. Why is someone a pain in the bum? Why does Daddy have to work? Why does Nathan have to sleep? I hope you learn a lot and I can impart some knowledge.

We are outside a lot. You love the dirt. I can't really believe how dirty you can get. We have big diggers that you love to play with. Or a big shovel that you help us dig dirt. And you really do help. It's not like we have to entertain you, but you really do move dirt. Your finger nails may be black, but you are happy.

Now that it is nice outside you are starting to play with kids. I'm having a hard time with it. I see you starting to learn socialization, but it breaks my heart. I know it normal and it probably doesn't break your heart. For example today you were playing with the neighboor who is a couple of years older. Then some older kids up the street came out and he left you to play with them. You stood there waiting at the fence till he came back and after a couple of minutes, you came to me and said your friend was taking a long time.

You had a bit of a blip in your sleep a couple of weeks ago. Where you would wake up in the night crying. I would go into you annoyed and tired as I already have to get up with Nathan. I would crawl into bed with you, becuase I was so tired. You'd put your arms around me and say I want you mommy, I love you mommy. It made all my frustration float away and I would happily cuddle with you in bed.

I love you too Lucas

love mommy


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Lucas is quite intelligent

wow the 17th of August
My Home Schooler is 13 on the 16th of August
arrrrrrr a teenager
mind I think hell and we will be ok


Goofball said...

So his is about the same age as my nephew and my niece. Wow...they don't know their birthday that precise

he really starts looking like Darryl more and more.

Allie said...

I think that he is so sweet. I really hope that we can get the kids together next time we are in Calgary as I have a feeling that our boys would have a great time together!!