Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Figuring Out the Stucture of "Life"

Tonight Darryl was upstairs putting Lucas to bed and Lucas tells him:

Lucas: Do you know Christmas is coming again, that's going to be so cool. Then after that the snow will melt, it will be warmer and the Easter Bunny will come.
Darryl: You're right, very good.

He is also starting to figure out the days of the week. Wednesday is Lesley day, Saturday is the day daddy is off.

Amazing how he is starting to figure out the structure of life.

Till Tomorrow........ Jenn

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Goofball said...

wow that's pretty good. My nephew Stef is about the same age as Lucas I believe (3 at end of August).

He knows the difference between weekend and week (but not Saturday & Sunday). And he knows it's vacation right now and he doesn't go to kindergarden (that starts at the age of 2.5 in Belgium!). But he is quite confused that they don't leave on vacation yet. My sister's family will go away in the second half of August but Stef wants to leave now because it is vacation. He doesn't understand he has 8 weeks of vacation.