Monday, July 07, 2008

Nathan's Monthly Newsletter: Month Three

Dear Nathan,

Happy three months dude! Currently your dad is walking around trying to get you to fall asleep. As we go through weeks and weeks of your life so many things are coming back to me that I remember from being a parent of a baby in their first year of life. Each week something changes. Last week you were taking a few short naps and one 2-3 hour nap. Today you took about 10, short naps. One day you'll eat every 4 hours the next every 2. It's like you saying dear mommy, welcome to your life for the next year.

The big change that I notice this month is that you are getting stronger. I can see it in your lifting your head and how you want to be sitting all the time. During tummy time you like to keep your head up and it's lasting longer and longer. When I hold you at my shoulder you'll turn your head to look at what I'm looking at rather then looking over my shoulder.

One of the strangest thing that has started happening this week is that things are starting to be to small for you or just not appropraite. For example you love to sit in the Bumbo now, rather then your papasan chair. Yesterday I took a bunch of sleepers that don't fit anymore and put them in a box. Although I'm so glad that you are growing up becuase I find the first couple of months to be so hard. But I also know that this may be the last time I ever use those sleepers. I am treasuring each moment with you.

Ever since you have started those smiles you have been giving them to everyone and lighting up lives. Pop loves to sing you songs, Grandma loves to cuddle with you. Lucas loves to make you smile and Daddy loves to make you smile. Even strangers in the grocery store love to smile at you. And people love to comment at how much you look like a boy.

It has been much easier to start to take you around. You are happier for longer and don't seem to mind the car as much as you did the past couple of months. Im sure it also has to do with you eating less often too. But you'll nap a little bit on and off.

You have been quite wakeful i n the evenings. It is kind of our time together to bond and share smiles. Your daddy was sick this month so we spent tons of time together in those evenings. To be honest with you I am looking forward to having some me time again, but for the moment while you are awake, I'll treasure our evenings together. You are generally a pretty content baby, so I'm happy to be spending that time with you. Also with the sickness we have been sleeping in the guest bed in your room. I usually start in my bed, but after waking for your second feeding I'm too tired so we snuggle in the bed in your room. Babies are so beautiful when they sleep.

You like the rest of us, are quite a fan of being outside. Now that the weather is nice and we have grass we are outside alot. But you like to be carried when we are outside. I'll be glad when you tolerate the stroller a bit more. But the wind doesn't make you cry.

love you gooby (or drooly Julie, or Nate)



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

i enjoy these letters to your boys

pleased hes getting easier
I dont like the first couple of months either but they pass :)


sari said...

Oh, he's so cute!! I love the pictures.

We have a bumbo as well. Do an internet search for "Ready Set Bumbo" and check out episode three: clones trouble. It's hysterical.

Goofball said...

May I say that he makes some pretty funny faces :p