Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Today Canada turns 141, yeah! I think we live in a great country, here's my top ten reasons why:

1. 12 months of maternity leave =). Love being at home nurturing my baby for his first year.

2. Tim Hortons: When ever I leave this country it's one of the first things I look for in the airport. Although in Ontario the TIm Hortons doesn't take interact, so sometimes all I can afford is a small hot chocolate. Tim Hortons in Alberta takes debit

3. The people: generally Canadians are so helpful and kind. Of course there are some mean and bad ones, but generally very nice and helpful.

4. Tetley Tea: I take my favorite tea with me when I leave the country

5. Healthcare: I love that you can go anywhere in this country and be taken care of. I love it, you don't have to fight with companies to pay for your care.

6. Multiculturasim: Although I love Canada I do love to go on vacation. I do love that you can get any style of food in this city/country, from Indian, Chinese, Viatinemese

7. 4 Seasons: Although I complain about the snow come March (or May here in Alberta). I don't think I could live anywhere that didn't have 4 seasons.

8. Hockey: Most any Canadian can talk some hockey talk. It unites us. Go Flames Go!

9. Barenaked Ladies: Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviauk, Sam Roberts, Great Big Sea, Jann Arden, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morrisette, Amanda Marshall, Randy Bachman... Need I say more, we make great music

10. Ice Wine: The Okanogan makes really great ice wine.

Till Tomorrow... eh



Goofball said...

Yeaaaah for 1, for 3, for 4 (I have Jan import Tetley from the UK...It definately is the best tea!), for 5, for 6, for 7, for 8, for 9 and for 10 :)

I'm just a bit indifferent to Tim Hortons.

I'd really add the available space , the landscapes and national parks to your list! Not many countries in the world are having that much nature and such a diverse nature! I think that is Canada's biggest treasure of all. when I think of Canada, I see the mountains, I see the ocean, I see lakes, I see long stretched fields, I see woods, ...

Jenna said...

Well, what can I say? As an American, I am jealous for so many reasons, and mostly the healthcare system you have there as well as the maternity leave you get to bond with your child. We are definitely not as fortunate here.

On another note, my father was born and raised for part of his life in Canada, but became a citizen here. He loved it there.

beth - total mom haircut said...

12 months! Oh, that's so wonderful. You won't see anybody over here highlighting that about our great country on the 4th this Friday. Proof that it IS possible.

Anonymous said...

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