Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Conversation with Lucas

Here are some recent conversations with Lucas:

We are in the car listening to the news

Lucas: Why did the baby moose get hit by a car
Mom: Because he was on the road
Lucas: Why was he on the road?
Mom: Probably because he was looking for his mommy
Lucas: Why was he looking for his mommy?
Mom: Becuase he was lost.
Lucas: Why did he get lost?
Mom: Maybe because he wasn't paying attention
Lucas: Why wasn't he paying attention
Mom: Maybe he was looking for food
Lucas: Why was he looking for food?
Mom: Because he was hungry
Lucas: Why was he hungry
Mom: Because he hadn't eaten for a long time
Lucas: Why hadn't he eaten for a long time
Mom: Because he was lost
Lucas: Why was he lost
Mom: Grrr, didn't we just go over this.....

Today on the way home from groceries it went like this:

Lucas: Where are we going
Mom: Home
Lucas: Why
Mom: We need to put the frozen groceries away.
Lucas: Why?
Mom: Because we don't want them to melt
Lucas: Why will they melt
Mom: Because it's summertime
Lucas: Why is it summertime?
Mom: Because......... the earth is closer to the sun
Lucas: Why is the earth closer to the sun
Mom: Because
Lucas: Why
Mom: Just because

Even as I type this here's Lucas

Lucas: Can I have that juice box?
Mom: No
Lucas: Why?
Mom: Because it's past it's expiry date

Our 8 hour drive to Kelowna is going to be a blast! How long does the "why" stage last for?

Till Tomorrow............... Jenn


Jenna said...

Unfortunately, in my experience, it is like an energizer battery. The questions just continue to come.

Here's one for you. I recently started turning it the other way around.

Mommy, why do we need to go to the store?

I don't know. Why do we need to go to the store, Bea?

Um. To get stuff.

Bea, why do we need to get stuff?

See how that works? And believe me, it works VERY well (and you see how much they really do know).

Goofball said...

why did you type these examples?

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Our Little Man has just learnt this word
gotta love this age and word they have so much to learn and they full of wonder at the world around them

Our Little Man actually prefers to go around the house yelling "wake up!!!!" at the mo LOL :)


sari said...

I'm sorry, the Why stage does not end.


Mike said...

Kids keeps you smart. That's what I think.


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Lori said...

Jenn...I don't think the "why" stage ever ends but it does change slightly throughout the years.

Right now we're in the "why can't I stay out past 9:30?, why do I have to clean my room?, why do I have to get off the computer?" stage. The subject of the "why" questions will change as they age...but I don't think the stage ends until they're out living on their own!

I love Jenna's method of turning it back around on the child though...that's brilliant!