Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of the things I was really looking forward to with the new house was to start a new garden. I loved my old one, but wanted the space to build a bigger better one. =) I am finding that the more I garden the more I want to garden and the more I want to know. So this year we have started the bigger garden. I thought this would be a good place to document, as I know I won't lose it as I would a piece of paper in a drawer. So here we go, Calgary is a zone 2. So here's my list and my start to my gardens:

So first this is our Box Elder or Manitoba Maple. This should grow quick and be a large tree.

The next 4 picture are the large mostly sun garden at the back.
Starting from the left back: Giant Silver Mullein (fuzzy one in the back), Dwarf Ballon Flower and Lychnis
Middle Row: Saxifraga, Yarrow (white)
Front: Phlox, Sooty Sweet William, Edilwess

Again starting from the left back: Raspberry bush, Astillbe, Great Silver Mullein, Saxifraga
Front: Aremia

From the left Back: Tree is a Aspen Columnar, In the pot (although currently in the ground is a Virginia Creeper, the dead looking thing beside that is Jacob's Ladder, which does have new growth. In front of the pot is a gooseneck loostrife.
Front Row: Lily of the valley and lamium ( the other pot is a campula (although I haven't quite decided where it will go)

This is the end of the big garden in the back. Back row starting at the Left: Monkshood and Obdient Plant
Front row: Phlox and Lungwort and half cur off is the Wormwood. There are also two more Aspen Columnars.

Here is the shade garden beside the house. Starting with the plant at the bottom of the picture: Ligulaia (rocket) Coral Bells, Bugleweed, Hosta, lamium, coral bells, Sweet woodruff (you can't really see that) Pincushion flower, varigated periwinkle, Bleeding heart, coral bells, and ostrich fern.

The tiny front yard is also one big garden. Right in the front on the left is some sedum and beside that (almost clipped off) is some clover.
In the middle is a Globe Thistle and growing up the oblesik is Sweet Peas.
In the back: Wild Sweet William and Bee Balm.
Other plants that are hard to distinguish, but I still want to mention them so I have a record are: Columbine, Obedient Plant and Maidens pink. On the other side of the path I have delphiniums.

Beside the turtle is Silver mound and just behind him is some lupine.
Middle row is Sweet William, perennial sage and gypsophila pacifica.

Other things I have planted in this garden and need pictures of are: Pincushion flower, more pholox, rose campion, lambs ear, salvia, more yarrow, drumstick thrift, snow in summer, brazilain verbena, some variegated grass.

Hopefully all these plants will look amazing next year.

Till Tomorrow



Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

youll have a beautiful garden soon
Id love to have an update some time
when they flourish

Goofball said...

wow...lots of growing things.

what do you mean "Calgary is a zone 2"?

Lori said...

Ooo, you guys have been busy! I'll admit, I'm not a very successful perennial gardener (I seem to have more success with it's SOOO much fun to prune shrubs) but all of those perennials will look terrific once they get established. The other bonus, is that you'll eventually have flowers that you can take time to stop and smell or cut them and enjoy them in a pretty vase in your kitchen. Lucky girl.