Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stampede Breakfast at Bobcat of Calgary

Last year for Lucas's second birthday we stopped at a bobcat dealership and they were amazing with him. One of the things they mentioned while we were there was that they have a Stampede breakfast, so Lucas, Nathan and I were sure to attend this year.

One of the great things about this city is Stampede. You could eat all your meals for free for a whole week. Everywhere has a breakfast or lunch and there is always lots of entertainment. Who knew there were so many country bands in this city.

Back to the breakfast we were at this morning. We got tattoos, stickers, posters and bubbles when we arrived. Then they served eggs, pancakes, sausages, hashbrowns and juice for breakfast. Lucas was so excited. There were bobcats everywhere. After a little food in our belly we headed off to see what activities there were. First Lucas operated the mini excavator, although it did take some serious convincing of his mother.

Then we watched some "competitions". Bobcat obstacle courses and how fast could you use a bobcat to grab the hooks and put them in one spot. After wandering around for a bit more was the highlight of the show, the bobcat square dance.

The whole morning was super fun and I will definitely be taking the boys next year, especially for a city girl!


Till Tomorrow....... Jenn


Alexis said...

Hahaha a Bobcat square dance?!?! That's hilarious!!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

cool!!!!!!!!! my boys would love this type of thing


Lori said...

That is absolutely, hands down, THE COOLEST THING I have ever seen! What fun, you and the boys must have had. Lucas must have been in heaven!


Lesley said...

You truly are one of the coolest moms I know!

Jenna said...

That is totally cool! You rock. And, can I just say that Lucas looks like he totally fits in - he's so in his element.

sari said...

Ok, that's too funny!!

sari said...

Also, I see you're now reading Twilight - it's one of my very favorite books!!!

Goofball said...

ooooh my God, the bobcat square dance totally cracks me up. Those people are hilarious.

I remember last year's visit to the bobcat dealership. How cool that you could hang out at their breakfast party :-)