Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Controversy: Steven Page

First off I wanted to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by this post. Although divorce is not an option for me, it is the best thing in certain circumstances. I was not trying to be judgmental about other people lives, just in my life it's not something I worry about. And even in my own life I know to never say never. Who knows what live is going to throw your way, but I'm pretty confident.

Onto the shocking news of the day. When I woke up this morning I saw on the news feed at the bottom of Breakfast Television, that Steven Page had been charged with drug possession. This has got me thinking about lots of moral issues all day. For those of you who don't know I love the Barenaked Ladies, they are a Canadian band and Steven Page is their lead singer.

First my thoughts were oh I bet it was just marijuana, then I caught myself thinking that is still illegal, why does that make it any different then any other type of drug. My second thought was his poor kids and that it must be tough to be the children of celebrity. Maybe I'm a prude, but I think that if that is the path you chose in life, there are perks but there are also challenges, like every path in life. If you chose to be a celebrity, don't put yourself in those situations, especially when you have kids, and those kids self esteems can easily be effected by daddy being in the news for drug possessions. Suddenly your parents friends won't let them come and play at your house. I do the same, I am an instructor and when there are Christmas parties at the hospitals I work at there are both students and my friends. But because my students are there I don't drink any alcohol. I won't be put in the situation where anyone could accuse me of anything.

I was also glad that Lucas is still young enough to have no idea about any of that. It must be a hard thing as a parent. Where do you draw the line on what to teach your kids. On one hand I think it's important to teach them tolerance and the fact that people do make mistakes. Or that he hasn't been convicted and they don't knowBut on the other hand is it right to support someone who is allegedly using drugs. Would kids see that and think it's okay to do drugs? Well Steve did it and you still paid to see his concerts and thought he was great, so why can't I. Just because someone does a bad thing, does that make them a bad person. And where does that definition come in? Are they a bad person if they smoke marijuana? cocaine? kill someone? It's all illegal.....

But since Lucas isn't at an age where I really need to worry about it, I will chalk it up to Steve going through a bad time. I still feel for his family and whether he is guilty or not think he is stupid for putting himself in that situation. But will continue to support the band and see what the outcome is.

Any other thoughts?


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Allie said...

I thought of you right away this morning when I saw the ticker tape on Global. What a shame. Really. I realize that celebrities are human and are entitled to make mistakes but I am with you - why put yourself in those situations when there could be so much to risk. And, the ironic part is that they have been promoting this fabulous CD, have been featured in pretty much every parent magazine you see and then to see this is rather disappointing. Now, on the flip side, from what I have seen and heard on the news, the charges sound somewhat sketchy, however, obviously something wrong was being conducted for it to come to this point.

That however, isn't going to stop me or my kids from enjoying that fabulous CD that you sent to us. Boy are we enjoying it!! Kaelen's favourite song is the 7, 8, 9 and he knows almost all of the words already.