Friday, December 30, 2005


Well as the New Year approaches it makes you reflect on all the things that have happened in the year. For me it has been an incredible incredible year. Mostly all highs, although there were some lows they seems to pale in comparison to the good stuff.

Having a child is obviously the biggest change. It has been the most fun but most challenging thing. It's amazing how much you can love another person. Plus it's a different kind of love then what I've ever had before. Like when I go in and see him in the morning I feel love from the tips of my fingers to the end of my toes. Plus it makes me love everyone around more. When I see them interacting and loving Lucas, it make my heart shine.

Going to Europe was also big on the list. It was such an incredible experience. I think traveling does a marvelous job of opening your eyes. It's amazing to see other ways of doing things, different ways to live life. It was also great to be there with Darryl. To go through the challenges of travelling in another country with another language and not hating each other in the end. But loving each other more. =)

It was also amazing to have our first class graduate from SAIT. I worked so so hard to get them through. Not that they were difficult but the process was and continues to be alot of work.

I hope that everyone enjoyed 2005 and I wish you all the happiness and health in 2006.

Happy New Year!!


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