Monday, December 26, 2005

Crazy lady with her stroller boxing day shopping!

Well no post yesterday as we were busy making a turkey dinner for everyone. Lucas did have a couple of good naps though. I think Christmas was a little intense for him. He did a good job of opening presents. Once you give him a piece of paper he is happy to rip it. Although then he wants to put it in his mouth. All in all I think he enjoyed it, plus he got lots of great gifts.

Oma and Opa have gone to stay at Auntie Karen's so Emma is feeling better. Opa tries so hard to get her to come to him, holding out big peipces of turkey, getting down on the floor. But Emma still won't trust him. Oh well......

Darryl and I also had a good Christmas he is spending lots of time with the ipod. My speakers were a hit yesterday. Spent most of the evening reminsing about the last 6ish years living in Calgary and all the adventures we've had. I'm happy to be a person with adventures, and look forward to sharing them with little L.

Went boxing day shopping today. Got some good gifts for myself. It's hard to buy clothes for other people, but fun to buy them for myself. I'm wearing one of my new fleecys right now. But holy cow was it ever busy. Lots of people for Lucas to look at, although not easy to maneuver the stroller around all the people. I'm sure some people cursed me. =)

Anyway I hope everyone has a relaxing post turkey day.


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