Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well today life is returning to th new "normal" It's just Lucas and I at home for the day and we haven't really seen anyone else. He's 4 months old and this is just starting to feel like the norm. He had another screaming fit prior to going down for his nap and I resorted to feeding him before putting him down.

Well while writing the last line he started to fuss in bed. During the day he defintly likes to stay up after eating, so here we are and hourish later, after a little play time he is back in bed. It is amazing how nap times can be so different. Sometimes he goes down easy and other times it's a fight. This one was easy and all I kept thinking is how much I prefer swaying while putting Lucas to sleep then swaying in the OR waiting for a surgeon. =) While we were palying he was totally laughing and smiling. He can be such a fun boy.

Oma and Opa took us to Olive Garden last night for dinner. Lucas was good. He was copying Dad, when Dad would growl at Lucas, Lucas would growl back. It's amazing how quickly they learn. I also heard that while Opa was here he gave Lucas some icing from our cinnamon buns. Although it thrilled Opa I am quite upset. Although I'm sure part of it is that it is a stressful time of year. As his parents we should be making the desicion about when to feed him and what to feed him. I know I should just "blow it out" a smidge of icing never hurt anyone. He didn't have an allergic reaction and is still breastfeeding just fine. But I'm still a little perturbed.

Oprah today was about the movie "Crash". I sounds very good and I'd like to see it. I really like movies that make you think (or ones that make you laugh). Now that Lucas has an earlier bedtime maybe Darryl and I should watch some movies. Although we do enjoy Saturday night hockey. The movie is about racism and if we are racist. Plus it was written and directed by a Canadian.

Anyhoo, hope everyone is enjoying there day after boxing day.

And thanks Mo, Allison and Allison's mom for the tiger butter recipie. If you'd like a copy Mo published it on his blog. http://mokhan.blogspot.com/


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