Saturday, December 24, 2005

Poor Emma

Well I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Earlier this year I was at Auntie Karen's house an she had these incredible Bose speakers. Then I saw Leo Laporte on Regis and Kelly, saying they were the best speakers. So that's what I asked for as I know Darryl likes to buy me "techy" stuff. So far I love them. Once Lucas wakes up from his afternoon nap I will blare some songs.

I also gave Darryl his new ipod, which I think he is quite a fan of. He's asking me questions about itues already , which is kind of a nice change to be the expert on something computer related. I just hope he loves it as much as everyone I know who has an ipod.

I titled this post poor Emma becuase Opa is here. She is so scared of him. All day she has been avoiding him like the plage. It will not be a good Christmas for her. We did get her to eat her breakfast, but we had to move it close to Darryl, so she felt protected. Plus this morning I came upstairs and she was up there all by herself.

Well tonight we are headed to T and P's for Christmas Eve. Hope Santa is good to everyone!


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!~Mista mO~! said...

Miss Jenn, I'm slowly working on getting the tiger balls recipe. Hopefully I'll be able to get it for you by tomorrow night.

Oh man.. I can't imagine how happy Darryl must be. He's been talking about that ipod all week at work. haha...

Poor Emma, hopefully the combination of loud music and opa don't scare her even more.

Merry Christmas,