Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas is almost here!!

Well Lucas is down for a nap again. 2pmish seems to work well for him. Although yesterdays nap only lasted 30 minutes. I'm hoping this one will be longer. I had no idea how this year of my life would be consumed with how much my child is sleeping.

The doctor suggested giving him cereal to help him sleep longer at night. He is a bigger baby (75 percentile) and if he has Darryl's metabolism he might need the cereal early. So today I went to the Walmart and bought some baby spoons. I tried feeding him water with it. I"m sure about 95% of the water went on his bib and the high chair, but atleast he's starting to get the idea. When that blue thing comes at me I open my mouth. Maybe in a couple of days we'll try a little formula on the spoon.

Went to the Japanese Village last night. It was great, I love that food. Plus it was good to see Lexie again. I know she lives in Edmonton, but I just feel better about her being here in Calgary.

Finshed up the last of the Christmas shopping today. Although I still have to get the turkey tommorrow. But Darryl will be home and I can go to the grocery store by myself, although taking Lucas is not that bad.

Merry Christmas Everyone


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